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Increase Sales Productivity With These 3 Sales Tools Found On Product Hunt

March 10, 2017



Familiar with Product Hunt? Well, it's essentially a community that is passionate about letting people know about new and exciting products. New products are posted each day across various categories. Those that follow Product Hunt, go there to discover the latest mobile apps, web apps, and technology products.


So I've decided to track sales related tools that get posted to Product Hunt. You can see my first post here where I covered: Ping, Cliently, and Quuu.


In this post, I'll be covering - Elucify, Taskade, and Hyphen. I'll give you some brief thoughts in addition to a quick demo that you can find within and on our YouTube Channel


So let's get going on whether these are some tools that are worth investing some time and money.



Struggle to find email addresses to target customers? Well, Elucify is another tool find new sales leads. But hold on, don't roll your eyes. First, the look and feel is great. The onboarding was clean as you have the option to sign up via your work gmail or outlook.


And it's free. How? It's crowdsourced. 


At this point, you get 100 credits per week. A credit is equal to a lead. You can up that amount by tweeting, sharing on LinkedIn, or inviting colleagues. I already added 50 credits by tweeting.


There's two ways to find new leads or contacts...Lead Lookup and List Maker. Both are easy.



You'll use the Lead Lookup feature to find contacts at a specific company. I show you how to do this in the video below along with building lists using the List Maker.


This is great tool that I'll continue to use and learn more about. Excited to see how they move the product along. Similar tools to Elucify are...Email Hunter, Thrust, Name2Email, Anymail Finder, and Aero Leads.


Check out their posting on Product Hunt and my video review below.





Check Out My List of Business Card Apps 



Really a tool for anyone, Taskade is what you would assume it to be, it helps you manage your productivity.


I don't know about you, but I have a hard time with keeping tasks in too many places...yellow stickys, in my CRM, random pieces of paper, etc. It's not that I don't complete the tasks, it's more about me having to search for the list or logging into my CRM to look at the list.



With Taskade, my list is right there when I open up a browser tab. Of course this is when I add the chrome extension. You don't have to though.


And it's not just for managing tasks. It can be used for any type of list.


As for the sales professional, I like that it's a very focused, clean, and easily accessible...on the desktop and mobile....there isn't a mobile app, but the web app is great.


As I highlighted in the image above, I think the best feature is the sharing feature. In addition to your To-Do List, you can create quick lists for anything to then collaborate with your team by sharing the link. Either share with view only options or the ability to edit the list.


Make sure you vote them up on Product Hunt. Go there now!







My third review is centered around communication. A mobile app called Hyphen.


I'll be honest, I'm still figuring out how I'll use Hyphen, so please bear with me.


When I originally read the post on PH, I took it as a place to find new leads and contacts. It was going to be a cleaner way to connect vs. using LinkedIn. I was thinking this was going to be a great sales tool, which it still might be, but not the way I was originally attracted to it.




So, I was a little off (read too fast). It's really about team communication. And there's no definition of what a team can or should be. It can be used for your internal team, your friends and family, golf buddies, a mastermind group, or some local chamber contacts.


Btw, I really like the interface. Clean. Simple.


With that said, I was a little confused as to the difference between groups and teams. In chatting with Adam, one of their co-founders, groups require everyone to be invited to the same chat and the team approach allows external teams or departments to communicate. The team feature removes the frustration of creating the same group text over and over again.


I like where they're going, so I'm going to keep checking in on them. I'm still looking for a good team chat that I can get other like-minded people on. Apps like Slack and Ryver seem to be overwhelming for some folks.


Give it a try and vote them up on PH.....btw, my user name on Hyphen is mikebrown.






Stay tuned for more reviews coming from products posted on Product Hunt. If you haven't added the chrome extension for Product Hunt, you should.




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Increase Sales Productivity With These 3 Sales Tools Found On Product Hunt

March 10, 2017

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