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Graefield, a Michigan consulting company, works with small businesses to drive sales performance through sales process improvement, analytics, and technology. 

Sales Operations for the Small Business

More Sales Tools For Your Small Business From Product Hunt

February 16, 2017


Familiar with Product Hunt? Well, it's essentially a community that is passionate about letting people know about new and exciting products. New products are posted each day across various categories. Those that follow Product Hunt, go there to discover the latest mobile apps, web apps, and technology products.


So today, I'm kicking off a post (I hope to publish weekly) to cover three sales related Product Hunt postings. I'll be reviewing the major features of the product and making recommendations for the sales professional as to whether it's a tool worth investing some time and money.


So with that, here's...


A solution for the sales professional, entrepreneur, freelancer, etc, Ping is a business card replacement or alternative.


For me, it was interesting that this popped up on PH. I've been delaying on ordering business card for Graefield because I think they're somewhat of a waste.


If you've ever had to order from places from visatprint or zazzle, the process and experience is above average, but the end product isn't always what you ordered, in terms of style. So why spend the money on getting a shitty card.


And then there's the fact that most people like myself throw away cards or never look at them again.


I think Ping has recognized this issue with their attempt to make it easier for the sales professional (who has a card too) and the entrepreneur (who probably has a card, but doesn't waste the money on them).


Check out their posting on Product Hunt and my video review below






Quuu 2.0

A tool for the marketer, Quuu assists in finding content for your social accounts. It's a great solution for the person who just doesn't have the time to find content every day.


Making their second appearance on PH, Quuu is really for folks that use Buffer.


**Buffer helps manage your social accounts and schedule posts**


To make Buffer useful, you have to supply content to be posted to your various social accounts. Well, as you know it can be a pain to find good content to post on a consistent basis. Quuu helps with this.


Before making their way on to PH again, I was using the free version of the tool. It's really helped in saving me time or reducing the headache in finding content to post around the topics that fit my personal brand.


If you're a sales professional, entrpreneur, or someone who would like to provide value to your social connections, then Quuu is a tool that you should be using.


Make sure you vote them up on Product Hunt.







Always important to the sales hunter and prospecting entrepreneur, is finding good leads via lists and databases. And probably more important is what we do with the lead or how we engage with that person/company thru calling, emailing, and social avenues.


Well Cliently is helping with both. Now they do have some CRM tendencies even though they aren't trying to be a CRM. Really, they appear to be a great prospecting application that certain small businesses could use as their CRM...at least in their early growth stages.


If you're a business owner or manage a sales team that is hunting for new clients, I would take a look at this one. If anything, it will get you thinking about the cadence that you're taking each lead through and how you're helping the sales person make that efficient.






Stay tuned for more reviews coming from products posted on Product Hunt. If you haven't added the chrome extension for Product Hunt, you should.




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