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Graefield, a Michigan consulting company, works with small businesses to drive sales performance through sales process improvement, analytics, and technology. 

Sales Operations for the Small Business


Sales Performance

After a historical analysis and understanding the interworkings of the business, graefield will lay out opportunities for improvement. Areas of focus will be: sales process, training, KPI's, quota attainment, technology usage, and selling time. Learn more .

Sales Process

Talking about your sales process isn't fun. We'll work together to adjust your existing process. Or to create a new one altogether. Let's make sure your team is using the best practices in talking to prospects and moving them to revenue producing clients. Learn more.


Sales Technology
CRM | Prospecting

Roughly 75% of companies have decided to invest in a CRM. However, it can be a challenge to get your sales team to support the investment. We'll help you either get more from your existing CRM or select a new piece of software that is a better fit for your team.


To us, sales enablement is the increase in selling time. Whether you're a mature business or in a growth mode, there are tasks and procedures that can be made more efficient through technology or improved process.  


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Sales Operations
Quotas | Compensation

Determining the right quota for the business and the sales team can be a challenge for the business. It takes having the right data, collaboration, and communication. Let Graefield help in driving profits and the success of your sales team.


If your group is in a position of needing help from a management perspective, we can provide a temporary or extended solution.

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